//Our series of Einstein NFTs will be open for sale at OpenSea on 22, February , 2022 at 20:22//

BExellent Group is proud to announce its debut sales launch of 1,000 Einstein NFTs of different facial features at OpenSea on 22 February 2022 at 20: 22.  We have invited a number of companies and brands from different sectors to jointly build a thriving metaverse community, aiming to realise the idea of “play to earn, spend to earn, eat to earn, vote to earn and groom to earn”.

The Theory of Relativity formulated by Albert Einstein has revolutionised the world of Physics and the whole world.  To carry on this adventurous spirit, BExcellent Group is going to launch its first NFT series, followed by the collaboration with enterprises from different sectors and geographical regions.  Therefore, our NFT owners can enjoy an array of comprehensive and genuine O2O benefits beyond sectorial and geographical boundaries.  What’s more, the more you spend with our NFTs, the higher their values will be!  This novel concept will completely change our propensity to spend.  We also aim to encourage students to become autonomous learners through O2O learning.  They can keep records of their learning progress and daily modes of living in our “NFT to Membership” system, through which they can top up their own NFT values.

Every Einstein NFT is one of a kind, as it is a tapestry of different unique features which carry different fragmented footprints of his inspirational little stories, such as his inability of speech till he was three, the exchange of identity with his driver, and his interaction with a little girl in his neighborhood. Every anecdote is both inspirational and educational.

How much potential value an NFT possesses depends on how well you know about Albert Einstein’s versatility and how you would interpret the story behind that particular NFT.

A treasure hunt starts here with Einstein’s NFTs!

A gentle reminder: this series of NFTs will be open for sale at OpenSea on 22 February 2022 at 20:22 pm, at only US$2.0 each.